Pastor :Danny Cobb

Meet Our Pastor

Pastor Danny Cobb is a native of North Augusta, South Carolina. He received his academic education in the public schools of Aiken County and graduated from Jefferson High School at that time, Bath South Carolina in 1966.
Pastor Danny Cobb is the son of the Late William & Hellen Roberter Kemp Cobb. Pastor Cobb received the call of his life at the early age of 12 years old at Ridge Hill Baptist Church and was baptized by the Late Reverend Donaway.
Pastor Cobb met his wife Miss Betty J. Picken and fell instantly in love.  Miss Pickens’s was not interested at the time but Pastor Cobb having faith in god and a little persistence won her over and married his queen. In their union they have three kids: Aretha L. Childs, Danny Cobb, & Johnny Cobb.
Pastor Cobb’s father was about 4 hours from his death but spoke the most life changing words to his son. He told his son that God is going to use you in the ministry and give you the anointing to do his will. At the time Pastor Cobb was not even considering pastoring and the ministry.
In 1988 Pastor Cobb lost his youngest son Johnny Cobb. This was a very difficult time in his life he began to seek guidance from god and do his will.  Pastor Cobb met Elder M.J. Reese who was bible scholar.   Pastor Cobb met Bishop Morris Williams at Turning Point Restorations; he later licensed Pastor Cobb.
Pastor Cobb pastored at The Church of Jesus Christ Faith – Works     (Blyth GA) for 8 years.  He worked for CSXP Railroad for 40 years